A women empowerment coach focuses on helping women overcome obstacles, understand their identity, and tap into their true power. Clients will be from all walks of life and my need guidance on overcoming a current problem and realizing their own talents. Throughout history, women have taken a backseat to a male-dominated society. Women’s job growth continues to be driven by employment in male-dominated fields. Between 2016 and 2018, women’s employment increased by 5.0%. But this continues to be a gender issue that brings on the stresses of many working women as they have to become the bread winners for their families at a fraction of the pay from their male counterparts. An empowerment coach can help women discover their own talents, abilities and skillsets needed to take more control of their lives, bust through obstacles and live a life of purpose.


My clients are mature adult women that are willing to put in the mental work to build strong boundaries that promote healthy choices.

-Women re-entering the workforce
-Women who are feeling stuck and unfulfilled, but are not sure why
-Women facing divorce, separation or a difficult personal challenge
-Women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer and survivors
-Women that are single parents of teenage children
-Women that have been incarcerated and finding it difficult to navigate back into society
-Women that need help staying accountable for reaching important goals
-Women moving into retirement or advancing to the next level
-Women Adult Detention Centers, Prisons and Homeless Shelters
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